One weekend CAN change your life.
One weekend CAN change your life.

Breakthrough Weekend
One weekend CAN change your life.


Upcoming Breakthrough Weekend
September 13-15, 2013
Trilogy School  - 8700 NW 23rd Avenue  - Gainesville, FL  32606


What is it?  A unique weekend workshop that combines group interaction and  transformational instruction designed to help you get what you want out of life and strengthen your relationships with others.
What goes on?  Through discussions, exercises, and introspection - the class develops into a team of problem solvers, dream builders, and more powerful people.
What are the qualifications of the people running this thing?  
  • 2 Coaches:  one male, one female who are specifically trained to teach this workshop
  • Others:  at least one licensed therapist is in the course room
  • Organizers:  Gainesville's new non-profit organization - The Community for Personal Development, Inc. 
How long is the weekend?  The weekend starts Friday evening and runs all day and evening on Saturday and Sunday.
How will I make it through such a long weekend? 
  • One breath at a time
  • By bringing some "creature comforts" (i.e. a blanket, sweatshirt, pillow for back support, cozy shoes and clothes, and your favorite snacks)
  • With the help of your class, assistants, and coaches
Is it worth it?  In one word . . . YES.
  • In many words...this weekend is that moment... it is the moment your eyes become opened... the moment the status quo is no longer enough...the moment you not only begin to dream of something more, but realize you can have anything and everything you dream.
  • However, on the off chance you get nothing out of the workshop, we will give you a full refund.  You've only given up the weekend.  Then again, one weekend CAN change your life.
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